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Stone Therapy Massage

Stone Therapy Massage

Stone Therapy Massage uses geothermotherapy which is the application of heated and chilled stones.

During the stone therapy massage water heated smooth basalt volcanic stones are used in two ways; large placement stones are placed on top of the sheet along the spine, in the palms of the hands and in between the toes. Whilst smaller stones are used to slowly massage the warmed oil into the body to manipulate muscle and connective tissue. The heat helps to relieve many stress related conditions and aids relaxation.

Chilled marine marble stones can be used in short applications over the shoulders and abdomen to help inflammation in the soft tissues and disperse nodules around the scapula blades.

There is no set routine as the massage is changed and adapted to fit your specific requires on the day of your massage depending on your muscular problem areas or whether its just to aid relaxation.

I only use Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly, 100% natural carrier and pure essential aromatherapy oils within my massage treatments.

Vicki Taylor | Treatments - Spa Treatments

Warmth from the Volcanic stones penetrate deep down into the muscular fibres.

Many of my clients experience a variety of benefits from having stone therapy that have included:

  • Increased mobility and flexibility.
  • Heat has deeply penetrated through the skin to ease tension from the muscles.
  • Relief from symptoms of stress and relaxation.
  • Chilled stones have help to reduce inflammation, disperse nodules and assisted with digestive problem.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Emotional benefits¬†including the reduction of anxiety/depression, and improved feeling of well-being.


Duration & pricing:

60 minutes Р£40
90 minutes Р£60