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Privacy Policy

GDPR –  General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and will give greater control over how personal data is used. The GDPR expands on the current regime established by the Data Protection Act 1998

Personal information – Web site

I collect personal information on this website through the online enquiry form, and the information you give me is used solely by me to get back in touch with you. I will not pass your details on to anybody else unless you specifically ask me to.

Personal information – Consultation sheets

  • Telephone, email and addresses are taken as a point of contact for reminder messages and unless you opt-in on your Consultation Sheet no marketing information will be sent to you.
  • All client data is kept for 7 years from the last appointment (as per my insurance requirements and my legal business obligation) then if the client hasn’t returned for a treatment  I shred all data.
  • All data concerning children is kept for 7 years post becoming 18 years old, from their last appointment (as per my insurance requirements and my legal business obligation) then if the client hasn’t returned I shred all data.
  • All Consultation Sheets are kept in a locked filing cabinet.
  • All information is kept confidential.
  • All card details are kept secure by Sum Up and they are GDPR compliant.
  • Any personal data on my laptop is secured with a password and a firewall and anti-virus software.

Cookie information

Cookies are small, harmless files placed on your computer’s hard drive or in your browser memory when you visit a website. Cookies help me to understand how clients are using my website, for example the pages clients visit and the links they click on. This helps me make improvements and understand which pages clients are interested in. They provide anonymous tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics.

Google analytics

Google Analytics allows me use an analytics tool to track how popular the site is and to record visitor trends over time. It uses cookies to help track which pages are accessed.


These cookies are created by Twitter, they let the website know if you’ve logged in to your Twitter account. They are present because the ‘share’ via Twitter button is being used on the website (in the footer of each page). It makes it easier for you to share my site with your friends.

Google maps

On the ‘Contact’ page I’ve got a handy tool for you to be able to find where my treatment rooms are. Google have a Cookie on the site to send data about how many people are using their online maps.

None of the cookies on my website capture any personally identifiable information. You have a number of options when it comes to receiving cookies. You can set your browser either to reject all cookies, to allow only ‘trusted’ sites to send them, or to accept only those cookies from websites you are currently using. If you switch off your cookies most of the site should still work, but your online experience may not be as good as I’d like for you.

If you’d like to contact me for an appointment or if you have any questions you can call me on 07958 394717.