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Hydrotherm Massage – New for Autumn/Winter

September 8 2014

Hydrotherm massage differs from other types of massage in that it is carried out with the client lying face up all the way through the treatment on two cushions that are filled with warm water heated to between 30 – 45 degrees. The usual disruption of turning over is avoided allowing a sensation of floating, warmth and relaxation.

Using massage oil I slide my hands between the client’s body and the cushions. This means that the pressure is upwards instead of downwards and so works against the client’s body’s weight.

The water supports the body and the heat from the water enables tight muscles to relax before the massage even starts. The system is designed to give perfect spinal alignment whilst lying in this position.

The benefits are numerous. It can relieve stress and aid relaxation, alleviates backache, tension headaches, joint and muscle stiffness, aches and pains. The Hydrotherm treatment is sometimes more comfortable for the elderly and clients with restricted mobility or anyone who finds it a struggle to lie on their front. Many people with arthritis, rheumatism and other physical problems such as sports injuries find this treatment to be very beneficial.